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The Importance of Medical Expenses Insurance When Traveling

When we plan a trip, we often focus on the exciting destinations and the experiences we will have. However, there is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked: the importance of having medical expenses insurance. This article explores the fundamental reasons why this insurance is essential and the available options.

1. Immigration Requirement in Many Countries

In several destinations around the world, presenting medical expenses insurance is an immigration requirement. Just as a passport or accommodation reservations are requested, many countries require proof of medical insurance for both visa application and entry into the country. This requirement is a measure of responsibility, indicating that travelers must cover their own medical expenses.

2. Protection During the Trip

Travel insurance not only covers medical expenses but also offers additional protection. This includes care for your luggage, coverage in case of flight changes due to health or work reasons, and assistance if problems arise with flight connections. These additional coverages are vital for a peaceful and safe travel experience.

3. Cost of Medical Services Abroad

The cost of medical care varies significantly from one country to another. While in some countries, like Thailand, the cost may be lower, in European destinations, medical expenses can be exorbitant. Acquiring medical expenses insurance is an investment that can save unexpected and significant expenses.

Types of Medical Expenses Insurance for Travelers

  • Convertible Private Insurances to International: Some national private insurances offer international options, ideal for frequent travelers. However, they can be expensive and less personalized.

  • Insurance Offered by Bank Cards: Many credit cards include travel insurance if you purchase the trip with them. Although convenient, these insurances can have limitations in terms of who they cover and the duration of the coverage.

  • Specific Insurance for Travelers: Companies specialized in travel insurance offer policies specifically designed for the needs of the traveler. For example, Intermundial offers an easy-to-use platform and competitive prices. With customizable options, these insurances adapt to the specific needs of the trip.

Our Recommendations

From planetrip, we recommend the following travel insurances:


Intermundial is a company specialized in travel insurance. With more than 25 years of experience, Intermundial offers travel insurance for all types of travelers and destinations. With coverages that include medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and more, Intermundial is an excellent option to insure your trip.

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IATI Insurance

IATI Insurance is a company specialized in travel insurance.
One of the main strengths of IATI Insurance is its ability to offer travel insurance tailored to the needs of each traveler. Whether you travel for business, tourism, or adventure, IATI Insurance has a wide range of coverage options to ensure you are protected at all times.

Planetrip offers you a 5% discount on your travel insurance with IATI
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